Our private lessons cater for individuals, couples and parent and child teams.Our prices are currently under review so please email lrn2sail@gmail.com for the best prices and deals.

Sailing is a great sport - really physical and fun, and it is a great new skill to learn. Learning to sail has many benefits other than just being fun and great exercise; sailing can teach trust, communication and leadership.
Whether you sail alone or with your partner or child, we'll ensure your lesson is fun and informative. We have special rates for parent and child together so you really have a chance to enjoy the experience with your child. Together you can learn to tie useful knots such as the Reef knot, Figure Eight knot and Bowline as well as sail a dinghy up to 14 feet long. Sailing is a great way to bond with your friends and loved ones, as well as teaching you to work together, communicate better and look out for each other.
Lessons are two hours long and scheduled on a first come, first served basis, so book early to ensure you get your preferred time slot! If you'd like to get certified, then let us know so that we can book you in for a series of lessons.