LRN 2 Sail Barbados was incorporated in September 2009 as the result of the vision of Isaac and Marianne Brown to create a year-round sail school in Barbados that would be open to everyone. After a year's research and development, the company was officially launched in April 2010 with Isaac as the Head Instructor and Marianne as the Sailing Administrator.

LRN 2 Sail Barbados has worked closely with the Barbados Sailing Association, the Barbados Optimist Dinghy Association, the Barbados Yacht Club and the Barbados Cruising Club to create a comprehensive sailing program that will offer group and private lessons to people of all ages, as well as race training for regional and international regattas.

Stuff you should know

We are fully insured with Marine Liability and Public Liability. Safety is paramount during every lesson and we take great precautions to ensure that danger is minimised.

Those who have injuries or medical conditions that could render them unconscious or unable to swim should not sail. Pregnant women should also exercise caution as sailing can be very physical and rough.